Lectures 2020

Our lectures and workshops are the best way to get inspired and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. If you implement our information and advice you will become more energised, resilient, stay young free of complaints and disease.

Due to the Coronavirus all lectures and workshops will be cancelled till the end June 2020

In the context of the Coronavirus and as a orthomolecular coach/food therapist I organise lectures on how to protect yourself against the virus with food, food supplements and very powerfull essential oils. If you would be interested, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We can also give these lectures online as a webinar.

Lectures and workshops in  2020.

  • The truth about cholesterol, high blood pressure and other diseases
  • How to lose weight using your own hormones in a natural way.
  • Anti-aging and vitality: all the strategies to stay vibrant and energised in a healthy body
  • Heartcoherence: an easy way to get rid of your stress and overcome your burn-out
  • The role of food in the prevention of  burn-out and depression
  • Food as medecine and are food supplements a hype
  • De brain-gut connection
  • How to prevent the modern lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cancer
  • Leaky gut: what is it, what is the impact and how to fix it
  • What are the risks of a toxic body
  • Menopause and osteoporosis
  • Healthy cosmetics and household products who don’t ruin your health

If you are serious about your health, ready to go but you don’t know where and how to start?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for an inspiring and motivating lecture or workshop.

You want to organise a workshop or lecture for your health- or fitness club, network organisation, serviceclub or a nice evening with friends and family?

Don’t hesitate to contact Martien on info@resetyourhealthcompany.com

Feedback received form previous workshops

  • What an eye opener
  • Enjoyed it from the first till the last minute
  • Everyone should know this and come to your lectures
  • Went home with a lot of new knowledge and information, ready to implement
  • Fantastic evening full of humor and learned a lot of things I never heard off
  • I would recommand this lecture to everyone
  • Top evening given by a top expert, enjoyed it a lot
  • The workshop was amazing, when is the next one?
  • I am 100% inspired and motivated to start my new healthy life