One day I hope for a world where people can live healthy and happy without medication.

Health is your most precious asset in live.

Nature is very intelligent and has given us everything to stay in good health.

In our industrialised world where nearly everything is refined and processed we have forgotten that whole food, healthy foodsupplements, plants and essential oils are so powerful and effective in the prevention of disease.

It is my mission to help, teach and coach you towards a healthy lifestyle in a natural way so that you can enjoy life at the fullest.


I will inspire and teach you

  • how to boost the selfhealing properties of your body

  • how to get rid of the toxins in your body

  • how to implement the best anti-aging strategies

  • how to copy with your stress via the Heartcoherence Method

  • what food and foodsupplements to use in the prevention of disease

Are you looking for a no nonsense approach from an experience expert who can inspire and motivate, you came at the right place.

Hello, I am Martien and ready to help you.

Together with my husband Frank, our 2 border collie dogs and our cat I live in the countryside near Brussels.

After more than 20 years of experience in healthcare (Oncology and intensive care) and different managerial functions in the Pharma industry I started my own company in 2005.

I build a successful million dollar business with  250 employees in 7 years. The hard work paid off but it was also the reason of my  wake up call.

I felt totally drained, empty battery, felt awful and had different aches and pains.

The passion was totally gone, I faced a burn-out and I had to choose. And I have, I stepped down and have chosen for my health and my relationship.

But what now?

I followed a lot of courses and trainings on self-development and holistic healthcare.

As a nurse, gerontologist, heartcoherence trainer en orthomoleculair therapist/coach I have a immense toolbox to help, teach and inspire you if you are ready to change your lifestyle and become healthier and happier.

Therefore I developed the scientifically proven  “Reset Your Health” program to help you. 

You get all the necessary tools and advice to start your healthy, energised and anti-ging lifestyle.

And I am the living proof that it works. I feel better than ever before, full of energy and vitality.

I got rid of the toxic burden who had a very negative impact on my body and my mind.

I fueled my cells with all the ingredients they needed to be in an optimal state.

All my aches and pains are gone and as an extra bonus I lost 15 kg in one year.