Reset Your Health

Reset your health

Heart attack, stroke or cancer always crosses your path,

like lightning in a clear sky!


The Wake Up Call


Elisabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer, this could not be true, why me?

The doctors had to act quickly because the tumor tissue did not look kosher.

On Friday Elisabeth was already on the operating table for a breast amputation. After a month of chemotherapy, hair loss, nausea, exhaustion, she finally reached the end of the tunnel.

The tumor cells were completely gone and the therapy could be stopped. She found the strength to resume her daily work as a lawyer. The page could finally be turned around.

Elisabeth decided to change her lifestyle completely. No more working nights, stop unhealthy food and too much alcohol. No more chronic stress.

She contacted me to guide her to a healthier lifestyle and was determined that this was the best decision she ever made.

She still had so many dreams to realise.

She wanted to grow old healthy and have more quality time with her children and grandchildren.

“Now I’ve had enough! I have no more energy and I am tired of carrying those extra kilos. I am so stressed, I don’t know how to deal with this.”

This is what Mary said. In the meantime, she has turned the switch and lives her life at the fullest.

She had the courage to put her health at number 1. But that hasn’t always been the case.

Increased blood pressure, disturbed blood sugar levels, headaches especially at the weekend, poor sleep have ruined the quality of her life and her work performance.

When she came home in the evening, she was exhausted and the first thing she did was to open the cupboard. See if there was something tasty to compensate for her frustration of the day. She ate a bag of chips with a glass of wine because she deserved it after such a hard day.

She obviously felt that she was going downhill. She was afraid that something serious was going on with her. This gave her even more stress.

Then she decided to see her doctor. He said that all of her symptoms were due to the stress and her unhealthy lifestyle.

She had to learn some stress management techniques and to lose those extra kilos once and for all. She had already made so many attempts to lose weight. After a few weeks of intensive dieting, all the pounds were back and even a few extra.

It was her desire to feel healthy and energised again, enjoying life!

But the dream of being a nice attractive partner and a perfect mother seemed further away than ever.

What would be her next step?  She contacted me and after a free coaching session, she decided to join our «Reset Your Health» retreat.

Living a healthy lifestyle and fully enjoying life go hand in hand. You will even feel much more positive and optimistic if you have a healthy mind in a healthy body.

There is a simple and fast way to learn how to deal with your stress and live a healthy life while enjoying delicious food.

I would like to introduce you to this reset button.

It is my passion to make you the “better and healthier version of yourself”.

Are you looking for a no-nonsense approach, then you’ve come to the right place!

Prevention is the message and medication is not the solution.

Thousands of people are becoming aware that they can do something themselves to prevent disease and cure themselves without medication.

Frequently asked questions  

Can I not do this alone if I gain the necessary knowledge?

The chance is minimal that you will find all the information and state-of-the-art knowledge just like that. My 35 years of experience and my initial and additional training in healthcare together with the guidance you receive from us are invaluable and also guarantee that you will get sustainable results.

How many professionals will participate per program?

This is an exclusive program in which we work together intensively. That is why we deliberately keep the group small. We allow a maximum of 7-9 people.

I am very busy and have little time, I cannot take 5 days off?

Since you want to make a profound change in your life pattern and want to become or stay healthy again, we know from experience that you need a real immersion and follow-up. Getting sick will take you a lot more time, then you will have no choice, now you will!

Suppose I suffer from a certain disorder, can I follow the program?

Before you finally sign up, we first have an intake interview where we check your motivation, why you would like to participate and what your possible disorders are. Certain people will of course be excluded because of a certain disorder.

Do I have to consult my doctor about the fasting retreat?

You know your doctor and you have to feel what is best for you. Many doctors are not really aware of fasting / detox treatments. We recommend having a blood test done before and after, so that we can see the clear differences. This fasting is very safe. It is not a therapeutic fasting to cure serious illnesses. Probably existing symptoms and / or blood values will improve. Therapeutic fastings are done in specialized centers under the supervision of doctors.

What is the location of this program?

We go to different countries and locations always looking for the best.. You will receive all data when you are registered.

Can I get extra private coaching if I want to?

Yes you can. If you request extra private coaching, we can discuss this during the retreat.