Our ‘Reset Your Health’ program

Our acidified bodies have to clean up old junk regularly and carry out repair work on our jammed systems in order to perform optimally.

During 15 days you and other like-minded people embark on this incredible life-changing ‘Reset Your Health’ experience.

How does it work?

5 days reducing your solid food

5-day ‘Reset Your health’ retreat to heal, get rid of your stress and lose weight.

 5 days to build up, to feel great again!

During the 5-day “Reset Your health” retreat you will be pampered: massage, sauna, hikings, 1/1 coaching, stress management, frequency therapy, body exercises, moments of reflection, state-of-the-art info on healthy food, prevention of diseases and how to lose weight (if necessary or desired) are all part of your program.

The 5 days before and 5 days after the retreat will be done at home and you will be guided daily by me (Video, Skype and WhatsApp).


                                            Due to the Coronavirus all retreats are cancelled till the end of June 2020.     

Results of the 15 day ’Reset Your Health’ program

✔ You got rid of all poison both physically and mentally

✔ You activated the self-healing capacity of your body

✔ Your immune system got boosted

✔ You reduced inflammatory processes

✔ You got more energy

✔ You lost weight

✔ You got a positive mindset and feel happy

✔ You normalised your blood values

✔ You got healthy intestines and good digestion

✔ Your skin looks great and your cells are rejuvenated

Scientific research shows that fasting leads to incredible results both physically and mentally because all disease starts in the gut.

What about your stress?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with stress, it keeps you alert and makes you perform better, it’s a part of life.

But when you start to suffer from chronic stress and you don’t have a good strategy to cope with, this stress becomes toxic for both your body and your mind.

This has an impact on all areas of your life!

I will teach you the basics of the simple and highly effective heart coherence method that allows you to calm down and to balance your brain and heart within minutes.

The results you may expect

✔ You have a better memory

✔ You experience more creativity

✔ Your problem-solving skills will increase

✔ No more burn-out

✔ You experience more freedom in your head


In order to stay in the positive flow, you will receive further guidance for the next month,

I will motivate you to continue your new lifestyle. What is it worth to become such a “healthy person full of energy”?

This exclusive and unique program is not for everyone and after a thorough intake interview, we will evaluate who can participate in our program.

As we work together intensively, we deliberately keep the group small with a maximum of 7-9 people per program.

We only want to guide super motivated, successful professionals who really want to become healthier, happier and (even) more successful!

Interested to know more about this program?